TRIBES is the ideal partner for publicising, promoting and marketing all the tourist services associated with events in the different areas of entertainment.

Working closely with promoters/organisers, we provide access to all the tourist attractions at the destination, focused on the client profile, through sales channels based on our own technological solutions, which we call White Label. This point of sale, allied to a marketing and communication

strategy, will position the event and provide it with the tourism solution, scale and publicising required by the promoter.


360° Solution for Event Promoters

Its broad scope of operation allows TRIBES to offer event promoters (festivals, concerts, etc.) a real 360° solution, allying the operational part to an advanced technological solution – White Label – where tickets, transport, accommodation and experiences can all be made available.

Entertainment Event Management

A to Z solutions for event management

In the Entertainment area, TRIBES is capable of being a reliable partner for the provision of tourist services such as Destination Management. Services such as these cover a variety of areas, including: transport, accommodation, F&B, experiences, bookings management, incentive or hospitality programmes.

TRIBES engages in Event Management for all the tourist products associated with events, operating in areas as diverse as Fashion, Culture and Cuisine.

Hospitality Experience - Andrea Bocelli

TRIBES was the official tour operator for the Andrea Bocelli concert in Coimbra. Apart from the entire accommodation and transport operation, TRIBES also provided hospitality experiences for clients and partner brands.


We have a multifaceted and experienced team that will be happy to help.