With its broad knowledge and experience in the sector, TRIBES is an excellent partner for designing and assuring the monitoring of operations and the consequent success of your event or trip to Portugal. We offer complete MICE packages.


Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions

We specialise in MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions), designing tailor-made programmes for any type of group and any type of context.

“Our aim and focus are for the success of our clients’ events to exceed all expectations”

TRIBES has a wealth of experience in the management, organisation and logistical operation of events. This work has been helped along through its partnership with Braver Media Group, where it is responsible for the tourist side of all its events, including RFM SOMNII, the Andrea Bocelli concert, etc.

GIT's & FIT's

Group Inclusive Tour e Free Independent Travelers

All of our TRIBES clients recognise our dedication and know-how in the organisation of packages, circuits and thematic groups in Portugal.

We offer different itineraries and delightful destinations, authenticity and the discovery of the wonders of Portugal, in a context of mass tourism, but also one that reveals the hidden pleasures of this country.

Let yourself be surprised: by the people, the scenery, the wine, the cuisine, the culture, the history and all of the secrets Portugal has that are yet to be discovered.



We have a multifaceted and experienced team that will be happy to help.