Football- FIFA and UEFA

Through Sports DMC, the TRIBES team has specialists in selecting and providing the best services, in accordance with the demanding requirements of the teams travelling to Portugal and Spain for European Competition games (Champions League, Europa League and Conference League), as well as for national team games.


Our experience and knowledge of the destination is recognised throughout the Iberian Peninsula and, working closely with club representatives, travel managers or club travel agencies, Sports DMC provides the best solutions and assistance.

We have an experienced team that is well aware of the necessities on trips such as these: the management of airport logistics, accommodation, luxury transport, all F&B requirements, logistics and familiarity with the stadiums, coordination of the different delegations, as well as familiarity with the best training complexes. And on top of all this, 24-hour dedication to each team and all their needs.

TRIBES, as a Destination Management Company, also provides services and programmes for all the groups associated with the event/game, as well as incentive programmes for sponsors & VIP groups and services for the press and fans.


We have a multifaceted and experienced team that will be happy to respond to your request.